I Heart Post-Its

It’s “Together Tuesday” and, ironically, I spent most of the day away from my love, but felt more connected to her than some of the days we’ve been attached at the hip. I’m a night owl so whenever I get the rare chance to sleep in, I run with it….or, technically, lie with it.  This […]


I’ve quoted Jon Acuff a few times recently and I’m about to do it again…. “Most of us, when it comes to figuring out where we’re headed in life, never stop to ask the simple question, “Where am I?” ~Jon Acuff, Start As I venture into what seems like the OVERWHELMING task of getting my finances […]

Doody Calls

We had a busy afternoon prepping and hosting our daughter’s 11th bday party at my parents’ home.  The bday girl decided to spend the night there so Mandy and I headed home to quickly let the dogs out then head off to dinner.  Or at least that was the plan…. We arrived home and opened the […]

Don’t Answer The Phone

Well, I was supposed to be blogging, but got distracted.  So tonight, I’m going to leave you with the result of my distraction and a reminder to stay focused on your goal, but expect and forgive minor side-steps from time to time. Procrastination = my daughter’s photo from a phone booth in the Library at […]

Taking Back Vacation

Thanksgiving.  No, it’s not November …or even the 4th quarter of the year (or 2nd or 3rd for that matter).  It’s January.  But tonight we watched an episode of the tv show, This Is Us, that was all about Thanksgiving, traditions and the family dynamic. In the episode, a family is stressed and dreading heading […]

House of Lies

Soooo today was interesting.  Last night I was killing time by looking at houses for sale on zillow.com.  I came across one in EXACTLY the area I’ve been eyeballing to move for about $100k less than it should’ve been listed for.  It seemed WAYYY too good to be true (red flag #1), but I emailed […]