I’m fat …and other things to look forward to this year.

It’s January and everyone is professing that THIS year is going to be the best one yet.  It’s the one they’re FINALLY going to (fill in the blank) and all the bad stuff is going to stop.  And what are we doing to make sure that happens?  We’re making lists of all the things we hate about ourselves and planning ways to change them (reality: hoping they change on their own).

Let’s pause for a moment and be honest.  “Resolutions” have become more of a running joke than an actual thing worth having.  We all know they expire around mid-February when we become content to be our average selves again and decide we’ve put in enough effort for one year.  But just like Frosty the Snowman, they’re back again someday (you sang that, didn’t you?) ….specifically Jan 1 of the following year.

So what if we changed the way we walk into a new year?  What if instead of listing all of the things we lack or want to get rid of, we list the things we already have and want to grow?  What if instead of noticing how fat we are (and I am heavier than I’ve been in a while … Can I get a witness?), we realize we have air in our lungs and food in our belly?  What if we looked in the mirror and said, “Thank you!”?  Thank you for carrying me into another year.  Thank you for being strong enough to survive another one.  Sure, you don’t look like Brad Pitt, but you don’t look like Jabba The Hutt either!  (I really need to update my pop culture references).  Point being, we should begin each year with gratitude.  It could always be worse.

Is it good to have goals?  Absolutely.  This blog is one of them and I plan to use it to keep me accountable to others, but what we focus on is what we will always see.  So if you focus on your size, you will only see the size you are.  You won’t see the beauty that lies in your eyes or smile.  The talent that lies in your hands or movement.  The ideas that are waiting to surface in your mind.  The love that is in your heart.  You could miss all of that because you’re staring at a scale and judging this year based on what number is staring back at you. And you call that a resolution?  I’d like to lose weight, but my goal is to take better care of the gift I’ve been given.  Losing weight will be a side effect of that …it’s inevitable.

So I challenge you to look at the things on your list.  Are they resolutions to work away from things you don’t want or revelations to work towards the things you do?

Happy New Year.


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