When “Why Not?” Isn’t Good Enough

Sometimes I have so many ideas running through my head at once that it’s hard to focus on just one.  That’s where I am tonight as I try to narrow down a single topic worth blogging about.  It’s where I am in life as well.

I had dinner earlier with a friend who thinks JUST like me.  We joke about it every time we’re together because it’s like we literally share a brain.  The common threads run deep when it comes to career paths … or really, I should say, when it comes to dreaming.  We’re both big dreamers.  Every idea that forms goes from birth to Oprah in less than 60 seconds.  It makes for exciting conversation, but terrifying to-do lists.  You can imagine the pressure when each step must be just right because THIS is THE brilliant thing that’s finally going to get you the recognition, fame, fortune, book deal, tv show, movie, guest spot on OWN, validation that you really are kinda special, feeling of significance, discovery of purpose and, might as well throw in meaning of life too.  When I said big, I meant big.

While all of that is great to seek out, neither one of us has really uncovered why we want it.  The result is  a lot of toe-dipping.  (No, that’s not slang for ..ew, I don’t even want to guess.)  We dream big and act small.  Our “brilliance” rarely makes it beyond step one and that’s because typically, at least for me, the reason for pursuing most of those things is just because it sounds fun.  So, you can guess what happens once the process gets hard….  It’s not fun anymore.  So I quit.  It was, after all, supposed to be fun and that was my only real reason for doing it.

So how does one find a bigger “WHY?” to tie to their dreams?  How do you discover what’s going to be enough to keep you pushing beyond the hard to get to the fun?  Is it something you uncover once you find the idea you’re actually meant to pursue?  Or can ANY idea be worth pursuing if it has the possibility of getting you what you want?  There are a million roads to fame and fortune and a million more to significance and purpose.  Is there only one that you’re meant to walk down or do you just need to know why you want to walk down one to start with?  I don’t know the answer, but it’s something that will continue to be a topic here as I work through the different projects in my life.

But for now … sleep.



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