I Don’t Want To

I’m tired.  My back hurts.  I’m cold.  I don’t feel like forcing myself to stay up and honor the commitment I made to post something every day.  But here I am.

Every day can’t be rainbows and sunshine.  Sometimes it has to be gray clouds and snow flurries … and dirty houses, mouthy kids, agitated spouses and snoring dogs.  I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.  But even on days like this, the one thing that remains is your ability to control what YOU do about it.

Do you stop life and curl up on the couch under a blanket?  Sometimes that’s exactly what you need.  Honor that if it fills your cup and isn’t just an excuse to avoid responsibilities.  Give yourself permission to relax.  Your life is not perfect.  The good news is, neither is anyone elses.  We tend to forget that.

Breathe.  You’re normal.  (I almost posted this with Your instead of You’re.  See!  Totally normal.)


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