Trash It

In an effort to declutter my life, I just went through 3 old work journals and consolidated a handful of notes/quotes into one “keepers” notebook.  It was liberating for a number of reasons…

  1. Clutter be gone!  Seriously, I just took 3 books covered in dust and tossed them in the trash — an immediate win.
  2. The stuff I actually care about is now all in one place and easy to find.  It’s no longer hidden within layers of scribble I can barely read, much less remember the context in which it was said.
  3. Internally, I had a very similar experience as the physical/tangible actions above.  I freed myself of weight from the past and kept the best parts to carry into the future with me.

All too often I let the distractions of the past clutter my mind and keep me from moving on.  And I’m not just talking about the big stuff that we all have locked away for a therapist to find someday… but little stuff that just sits there, blocking the view of what we SHOULD be focusing on.  TRASH IT!

How many times has a date snuck up on you? (I still feel like we should be prepping for Halloween and here we are in the first week of January.)  You’re buying a bday gift on the way to the bday party or making the dentist appointment 6 months after they sent the reminder.  Or jump up in importance to the fact that I haven’t scheduled a co-write in over a year because of no other reason than I haven’t thought to do it.  (Really!?)  And I haven’t painted in weeks because there’s so much else to do (as I sit on the couch playing games on my phone).  We  – or, at least I – fail to prioritize and schedule our lives.  And, even now, as I sit talking about it … what comes up is “I never will”.  That’s the past.  It’s a negative tape replaying in my head.  TRASH IT!

This blog is about to get a lot more organized in the days ahead.  All of the things I’ve been neglecting will have a designated day to focus my attention.  Music, painting, finances, family, marriage, health, spirituality, education, home …. I could go on, but there are only 7 days in a week so I’mma get my thoughts together and group into 5-6 categories that this blog will help me stay accountable to.  It’s time.  Actually, it’s BEYOND time, but you can only work with what you got so no more coulda, should, woulda…. Moving on to: I can, I will, I am, I did!

Trash the past. Prioritize the future.


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