How To Make A To-Do List in 45 Easy Steps

Step 1: Sit down
Step 2: Grab a pencil and piece of paper
Step 3: Place a “1”, bullet or dash before your first chore
Step 4: Write down that one thing that always pops into your head first because you REALLY wanted to do it a week…ok, year…ago, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.
Step 5: Check Facebook for what’s new
Step 6: Like your friend, Sally’s post because that cat video was hysterical
Step 7: Remember you were supposed to be doing something
Step 8: Place a “2”, bullet or dash on the line below chore 1
Step 9: Get up and get a glass of water
Step 10: Twirl around in the kitchen because it’s linoleum and you have socks on – not because you hit a slick spot and almost fell
Step 11: Mop up the water you spilled
Step 12: Sit back down and reply to an email that came in while you were busy being Nancy Kerrigan
Step 13: Remember you were supposed to be doing something
Step 14: I’m hungry
Step 15: Walk to the kitchen (watch that slick spot), open the fridge and stare for 5 minutes in hopes your craving will magically present itself
Step 16: Walk to the pantry (damn linoleum) and repeat Step 15 in there
Step 17: Return to your desk …still hungry
Step 18: Have a sudden rush of creative genius and write down 5 things that need to be done
Step 19: Contemplate whether or not you spelled liposuction correctly
Step 20: Google liposuction
Step 21: Scratch liposuction off your list cause ew and ow
Step 22: Realize your list is full of things that will take years to do
Step 23: Google how to make money quickly from home
Step 24: Begin a new to-do list for that get rich quick thing online
Step 25: Facebook message Sally to tell her all about this amazing idea
Step 26: Add “Take Sally off Christmas Card list” to your original To-Do List
Step 27: Is that a spider?  It better not be a sp…oh, good, just a dust ball
Step 28: Add “Vacuum” to the list
Step 29: Turn some music on to help focus you
Step 30: Let the dog out
Step 31: Stand in front of the fridge looking for that thing that’s still not there
Step 32: Yell at your dog to get in the house
Step 33: Twirl in the kitchen as you return to your desk
Step 34: Decide that writing on paper is so old school and you need to do this on the computer instead
Step 35: Search for 10 minutes and realize there is no decent word processor on your computer
Step 36: Google “word processor”
Step 37: Realize everything is now online …and owned by Google
Step 38: Google reviews on To-Do List Apps (apps are the future)
Step 39: Pick one, download and open
Step 40: Delete the app, it’s too complicated
Step 41: Download your second choice
Step 42: Input your To-Do List into the app
Step 43: Receive a warning that you’ve hit the max allowed input for the free “lite” version
Step 44: Swear
Step 45: Grab a pencil and piece of paper


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