*GLUTEN* For Punishment

I am on a cleanse.  This isn’t a new thing… I do one at least 2-3 times a year and rather enjoy the results and, for the most part, the process.  But today… ugh.

Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday so I am currently baking cupcakes for her class.  Not just any old cupcakes, but my FAVORITE yellow cake, chocolate frosting, fill the house with the most amazing scent God created cupcakes.  And my cleanse does not allow sugar, gluten or dairy for 10 days.  I think I’d be ok if it wasn’t for the smell.  They.smell.so.good.  It’s almost as good as tasting them.  Almost.

The only thing saving me at the moment is the fact that I know, in just a few days, I will have the freedom to indulge once again.  Not crazy train indulge, but 2 out of every 10 meals kind of Give Me The Damn Cupcake indulge.  A balanced diet of mostly good-for-me eating (that I enjoy) and weekly treats (that I really enjoy).

Oh, how I wish there was a cleanse for other areas of my life.  A 10 day restart for my job, house, marriage, etc…  that got me back on track to being better at all of them most of the time and not so great for a much smaller percent than I am now.  It’s so easy to see how that looks when it comes to food.  Why is it so hard to do the same with everything else?  Probably because someone else mapped out the food plan and said “do this” and, aside from seeking out and sorting through self-help books, the same plan isn’t as easily accessible for the others.   If and when I find one, I will definitely share.

10 days to kickstart just about anything.  Hmmm….  Where to begin?


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