A Crack In The Egg

I’ve done it.  Finally.

When this blog was just an egg of an idea in my head, waiting to hatch on January 1, my vision was to categorize certain areas of my life and assign each one a day of focus.  January 1 came and, in an effort to not repeat past mistakes and over-think it, I left my egg under the warmer and blogged anyway …to begin the discipline.  I figured a week, tops, would have me ready to go, but here I am 18 days later and I’ve just nailed down what each topic will be.  So, here goes…

Money Monday – Budget, Plan, Save, Spend ..and let’s not forget, Make MORE

Together Tuesday – Marriage and all that comes with it

Work of Art Wednesday – Paint, Write, Sing, Draw, CREATE

Thurs·DIY – Declutter, Reorganize & Fix Up the House

Friends & Fam Friday – Making time for the ones I love

Satur·PLAY – Discovering New Adventures – Big & Small

Soul·Full Sunday – Feeding the Mind, Body & Spirit

Each day will cover my journey with a little “How To” and a little “Dear Diary”.  I’ll share what works, what doesn’t and the mental and emotional struggles along the way.  With each day having a different focus, it’ll be like 7 blogs in 1 with the common thread being the desire to live a more INTENTIONAL life.  Thankfully there’s No Experience Necessary


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