The Voices In My Head

If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you. ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve tried to decipher between God’s voice and my own.  Typically surrounding a big life decision, I question if the pull I feel in one direction or another is God pointing me down the right path or my own desire leading me towards what I think I want.  Or more commonly, away from what I don’t enjoy or want to put in the effort to change.

Like when I wanted to leave my job in the music industry.  There was something inside of me that kept saying GO and yet I never did.  I wanted to listen so bad, but I was afraid it was just a way for me to escape the responsibilities in front of me.  I didn’t love my job, but I could’ve worked harder to make it better.  I could have moved obstacles and been, not only a better employee, but a happier one at that.  But I didn’t want to.  So was the voice just me saying, “You don’t want to work that hard.  Just cut and run”?  Or was it God saying, “I have better plans waiting if you’d just listen”?   I believe, in this instance, that it was God as I eventually got let go (due to company downsizing) and something better WAS waiting just on the other side.

Regardless, the voice, whether yours or God’s (and I believe you hear both), is important.  Both provide guidance.  Both are showing you areas in your life that need change.  If you’re unhappy, don’t just sit there.  Listen.  Are you feeling a pull to move towards something?  Take a step towards it – check it out.  Are you feeling the need to move away from something?  Figure out why and whether or not it’d be worth the effort to better the situation vs walk away from it.  If nothing else, a dialogue will begin where once there was just a single voice.


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