House of Lies

Soooo today was interesting.  Last night I was killing time by looking at houses for sale on  I came across one in EXACTLY the area I’ve been eyeballing to move for about $100k less than it should’ve been listed for.  It seemed WAYYY too good to be true (red flag #1), but I emailed to make sure it wasn’t a typo and they confirmed that was actually the asking price.  (insert small ray of hope)

I asked if I could see it today and killed about an hour in the area hoping to hear back before heading home.  Alas, no response, so I drove the 20 or so minutes home only to get a response as I was pulling in the driveway.  I was told I could see it at any time because the house has a lockbox and I could get the code via a website that existed for such occasions.  (This seemed like more of a red flag than anything else, but I researched the website in advance and found it to be legit.)  So I told them I’d go by later with my daughter.

I pick up my daughter and my mother (who wanted to go for fun) and drove almost an hour to the home where we instantly fell in love.  The entire time we were questioning what the catch was.  There were a few minor things that needed work, but nothing that would justify it being over $100k below market value.  We spent over an hour inside and then drove an hour back to drop my mom off and 30 min back to my house from there.

If you’re adding, I’ve now spent almost 4 hours of my day focused on this home.  Well worth it if it all works out, right?!  Well, insert text to my realtor friend (who has been suspicious from the start) and after she makes a few quick phone calls, we discover the entire thing is a scam. (And there it is)

Apparently it’s pretty common for scammers to go find a rental property online, post it on Zillow at a ridiculously low asking price, get you access via this legitimate lockbox website and then hit you up for a $2500 down payment to take it off the market.  At that point they turn and run with your money and you never hear from them again.

All I can say is thank God for good friends who watch out for me.  I know I would have uncovered the scam myself, long before it got to money exchanging hands, but it’s nice to not have any more time (or excitement) invested in this.

I could choose to be sad and disappointed and focus on all of the things I don’t currently have that were in the house I was already picturing us living in….and right now I am haha  But tomorrow, I’m going to focus this dissatisfaction into action.  Not only am I going to do everything within my power to turn these a-holes in to the proper authorities, I’m also going to find those pennies (see yesterday’s post) that will move me closer to my dream of a new home (without the scam this time).  We all have things happen to us that are out of our control, but we all have the control to alter the way we handle it.

“The key to being free is the realization that you already are.  You’re free to choose yoru thoughts, words and actions.  Choose to create a good life.” ~Keith Cameron Smith


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