Doody Calls

We had a busy afternoon prepping and hosting our daughter’s 11th bday party at my parents’ home.  The bday girl decided to spend the night there so Mandy and I headed home to quickly let the dogs out then head off to dinner.  Or at least that was the plan….

We arrived home and opened the door to a…less-than-pleasant smell.  A few steps in and it was obvious this lovely new home fragrance was of the “bathroom” variety.  Our dogs are crated when we’re not in the house, so I went straight upstairs — towards the odor.  Our youngest had a tummy ache of some kind and had not only had an issue in the cage, but apparently also decided to run a 5k through it.  She was covered.

I let the other 2 out, wrapped her in a towel and headed straight for the bathtub where she got a good scrubbing.  We finished up and she ran downstairs where she promptly left a newly fragrant trail to the door.  #BlessHerHeart #Shiiiit

So now we’ve cleaned the dog, the carpet, the cage, the wall next to the cage and our hands (several times).  Romantic date night, no?

At this point it’s 7:15 and our closest (desired) dinner options are 30+ minutes away.  While that might not be a big deal for most, we are beginning to show our age with a fairly regular 6:00 dinnertime, less we get hangry.  BUT – it was date night (dammit) so I sucked up my poor mood and desire to crash on the couch and took my beautiful bride to our favorite pizza joint.

I could’ve caved and stayed home…choosing defeat and comfort over the chance to spend some one-on-one time with the Mrs. But that temporary “easy” would’ve added to the pile of “hard” that comes later.  You know the one I’m talking about…  all the stuff that normally doesn’t bother you, but comes up when you’re fighting.  “You don’t like spending time with me, you’d rather sit on the couch and veg out” is a favorite.  Tonight I did something to help that not show up in the next grudge match.  AND I had a great night.

So next time your night gets sh*t on, wash your hands and press on!


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