Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Shoe Carnival

There are some things about my wife (and women in general) I may never understand. (Today’s blog is sponsored by Captain Obvious) Today I installed some shelves in Mandy’s walk-in closet.  Since I had to throw everything OUT of the closet to make this happen….and all of her shoes have been sitting in a pile […]

No Dough Boy

We just recently had a plumbing issue that required a pro (as much as I hate to break down and call one).  When they were done, they handed over the $400 bill and I died a little.  First of all, your job consisted of taking a machine out of your truck, plugging it into my […]

I Am … Going To “I Am” It Again

Read any self-help book or listen to any motivational speech and you’ll hear a couple recurring themes.  Believe in yourself.  Know that anything and everything IS possible and within your grasp.  Have specific goals.  Dream big.  The list goes on and on, but the one that’s sticking out to me today is the practice of […]


Today was a GORGEOUS day!  Bright blue, sunny skies and temps in the high 70s .. IN FEBRUARY!  The perfect day to PLAY. I started by heading to teach my fitness class, except today was a little different due to a special birthday playlist led mostly by another instructor.  This allowed me almost completely off […]

Please Time

My daughter is growing up and with that comes some changes I’m not ready to face.  She’s noticing boys a LOT more now (and she’s always been a bit boy crazy), she’s more independent and certainly a smidge moodier since the hormones kicked in.  She’s always been my little girl and now she’s, quite literally, […]

My Life Overflowing

As if on cue, my house decided to have a complete meltdown on ThursDIY. I went to bed late last night and set my alarm for 10am knowing I had no child, no plans and no reason NOT to get 8 hours of sleep.  That is until my wife woke me up at 6am with […]

Ms. Morris

I know I’m the one who’s supposed to be doing the creating here, but part of being a creative person is feeding your senses with great works of art by others.  When I find something I enjoy as a consumer, it usually inspires me to stretch my own talents as an artist.  Such is the case […]