Maddie Daddy Turning Adventure

Merriam-Webster defines Adventure as an exciting or remarkable experience.  I need more of that in my life.

Every week I’m dedicating time to find something new and adventurous to do.  It doesn’t have to be dangerous (though it could be) nor does it have to be grand (wouldn’t turn that down either).  No, you can find adventure just about anywhere …especially when there’s a child involved.

My daughter and I were out and about recently and I sprung a little adventure on her.  I told her this could be great or it could be really dumb, but either way we’d make it fun ..and we did!  I don’t remember where I saw this idea originally, but if you have Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen a version of it at some time or another too.  Usually it’s just a “shared” idea and not the actual act of doing it.  I decided it was time to put some of those ideas into motion.

I handed her a notebook and told her to pick a number between 5 and 25.  She picked 13.  Then I told her to pick Red or Green.  She picked Green.  For every number, she had to flip the coin.  Heads = Left, Tails = Right.  We would set off on a journey (from Sonic) using these directions as our guide.  We would only turn if we came to a Stop Sign, Stop Light that was GREEN (that was the Red or Green question …. I learned this was not a good idea lol) or Dead End.  If we ended up on the interstate, we would get off at the very next exit.  And if we ended up somewhere we couldn’t turn, we’d just turn around and keep going.

She named it: Maddie Daddy Turning Adventure

For about 30 minutes, we rolled our way around Cool Springs in Franklin, TN.  We ended up on the interstate.  We ended up behind a Sam’s.  We ended up on a 2 lane road that looked out of place in the midst of the city.  We learned that sometimes you have to bend the rules when there are SO many stop lights and parking lots.  We saw buildings we had never passed before and took the time to notice those we pass frequently.  I handed her my phone and told her to take pics of what interested her to document the journey.  Here’s a collection…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It wasn’t anything grand, but it was exciting and pretty remarkable that we could bond over random turns in a city we know so well.  Some day soon, we plan to try again on a larger scale with more time, more turns and perhaps a starting point that’s not in the middle of a mall.  But for now, our adventure ends here.  And it literally ended here:


Now go find an adventure of your own!


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