Experiment: Sleep, Do I Really Need That?

I am a night owl.  More like a bat really as I think most night owls go to bed before I do.  I usually feel ready for bed around 9pm and, I’m sorry, but ain’t nobody got time for that.  So I push through and start working or sometimes I pass out on the couch for a few minutes, but no matter what…I don’t go to bed.  Enter second wind and a list of to-do and I’m crawling into bed at 2 or 3am with an alarm set for 7.

Everyone knows this about me and wonders how I function.  Lately, I’m beginning to wonder that as well, as I’m feeling more and more deprived of energy, mental focus, PATIENCE and productivity.  My only saving grace is the weekly “sleep-in” on a Saturday or Sunday when I’m begrudgingly woken up around noon.

SO – I’m assigning myself a bit of a challenge.  Most days that I get “enough” sleep, I feel awful.  I zombie-walk my way through the day and question the sanity of those who think I need this much sleep when it seems to be having the opposite desired effect.  Of course, everyone follows that up with “That’s your body’s way of telling you you need MORE of that”.  Yeah yeah yeah….ok.

Starting today, I vow to be in bed by 11pm every night for a solid week to get the “required” 8 hours of sleep they say you need.  I’m cautiously optimistic of the results, but you can rest assured (pun intended) that I’ll be analyzing everything over these next 7 days.  Will I finally feel “rested”?  Will I be able to sleep?  Will I suddenly become a morning person? (highlllly doubtful)  Will my family love me again?  ha Ok, I’m not THAT moody.  …or am I?

Disclaimer: I’m starting this on a day I feel like CRAP.  I’m obviously attempting to catch (read: already caught) the cold that’s going around my house AND my fitness business just did an extra long, extra hard class today to celebrate a milestone.  (Congrats…let’s party by killing ourselves!)  So it’s 9pm as I’m writing this and I’m about to go crawl in the bed.  For realz.  I actually fell asleep briefly earlier while waiting in line for my turn to shower.  I think that’s a good sign that I actually AM in need of this.

Next Sunday = full report.  Why don’t you join me and we’ll sleep together….wait, that didn’t sound right.


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