Elephant In The Room

I suck at this whole house thing.  Why is it so hard to tackle a house to-do?  Actually, let’s take a step back… Why is it so hard to CREATE a house to-do?

Our house, as mentioned in previous posts, is a total wreck right now.  Not the entire house, but the most lived-in areas are in need of a Peter Walsh exorcism.  And that’s putting it lightly.  So perhaps the reason it’s so hard to create a to-do is because it would look something like this:

House To Do:

I know it’s easier to, as they say, eat an elephant one bite at a time …which is why I’d really like to make a list.  The list would show me the entire elephant, but give me specifics to chew on for each course.  But it seems creating the list is a bit of an elephant in itself.

SO – here’s what I’m going to do RIGHT NOW (literally, as I’m writing this) and you can do it with me too.  Forget the whole-house list…today, I’m writing the Living Room List!  And, because my house is in need of cleaning AND fixing up, I’m going to have 2 lists that cover my “best case scenario” for long-term handiwork as well.

– Remove everything that doesn’t belong in this space
– Wash throw blankets
– Vacuum couch cushions
– Dust blinds
– Vacuum curtains
– Wash Windows
– Dust surfaces
– Polish tables
– Vacuum floor (including under/behind furniture)
– Clean baseboards
– Wash rug
– Switch a/c filter
– Clean out fireplace
– Purge anything that we no longer need/use

LIVING ROOM TO-DO (Fixing Up/Decorating)
– Repair window mechanisms
– Repair lamp
– Repair door lock
– Install wood accent wall
– Build weight/exercise equipment cabinet
– Find coffee table and chairs for in front of fireplace
– Fix/stretch carpet
– Have carpets professionally cleaned

And there you have it.  I already feel more accomplished.  Also, it’s no wonder I feel so overwhelmed by the rest of the house if all of this is just ONE room!  Did you make your list?  What are you waiting for?   I’ve picked up the fork and am ready to start on that elephant.


4 thoughts on “Elephant In The Room

  1. That is how I’m feeling in my Master Bedroom. And they say this place is supposed to my sanctuary. It’s more like an asylum right now. Guess I need my Bedroom to -do! Thanks for such a great post!

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    1. Oh don’t even get me started on our Master Bedroom haha! I totally feel ya! And my list worked! Today I checked 6 things off the list, am currently enjoying a much cleaner room and feel extremely accomplished despite not making it through it all. My list, after all, was a “best case scenario” that I plan to conquer over time haha Now to continue this with the remaining rooms of the house. Let me know how it goes for the Master! Good luck! 🙂

      PS – you’re my very first “non-friend” comment on the blog. THANK YOU for reading!


      1. Hey jR, That whole -“non-friend” thing can change! Always looking to rub elbows with people like me. The hubby and I worked on the Master for a few hours yesterday. I got my half of the room done. But he had to run off to an appointment. I’m praying he’ll get back to his job at hand soon! Ha Ha! I think I need to write a whole post on living with a not-so-organized person on my blog. Sounds like the next edition in ClutteredChaos.com! Keep bringing that interesting content! I love reading your posts.

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