Yule Have A Ball

Take 30 seconds to think about your childhood.  Specifically, things you remember about your parents.  I bet what sticks out are events and moments when something special or exciting happened.  Am I right?  I instantly think about ice skating with my dad at Ober Gatlinburg.  Or riding Space Mountain with my mom at Disney.  Fishing in Daytona Beach or going to Medieval Times dinner theater.  Sure, I can recall generic, every day type stuff as well, but it’s not top on the list other than to say, overall, they were great parents who treated (treat) me better than I deserve.

I love creating moments with my daughter, Maddie, that she’ll hopefully carry with her and remember years from now.  Things that will impact the kind of parent she might be some day.  Times that she will remember her dad going “all in” just for her.  We recently got to share one of those moments and make some pretty special memories.

If you haven’t gathered from previous posts, we are a Harry Potter loving family.  Our local library partnered with the Harry Potter Alliance (who knew that was a thing?!) last year and now hosts 3-4 themed events each year.  This January they put on a Yule Ball, a formal dance seen/read about in Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire.  This is not an uncommon event for businesses and individuals to attempt to recreate.  In December, Barnes & Noble held Yule Ball themed events in their stores across the country.  A friend attended and said it was a bunch of over-dressed adults sitting at tables doing coloring pages. (oops)

As you can imagine, this prompted a phone call to the library to confirm our event would be an actual dance where dressing up was expected and appropriate for the activities.  I was relieved to hear it was since we had already told Maddie she could borrow one of her mom’s formal gowns.  One way or another we were going to be dressed up … even if just for coloring pages.

We arrived and were, of course, dressier than most (I expected as much), but I LOVED that we committed to making this a special night for us, despite what anyone else was doing. We danced, we played games, we ate and drank themed treats and, best of all, we made some pretty spectacular memories.

You don’t have to find a ball to have a ball with your child (#badjoke), but take some time today to find something uniquely her/him/them that you can be all-in for.  I promise you won’t regret it.


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