Results: Experiment Sleep

Well, it’s official.  Sleep is a good thing.  Who knew!?

I could probably stop right there because, well, EVERYBODY knew.  Even I knew.  I had just convinced myself that it was somehow ok to deny myself the good (and oh, is it good) because of all the hours I was “using” in its place.  But sleep…it’s needed.

I began my “vow to 8 hours” last Sunday and hit it almost every night for a full week.  Night one was rough as my body was SO not having the early lay down.  I went to bed at 9:45 (earlier than needed, but I was exhausted) and probably didn’t fall asleep till closer to midnight.  The next night I was in bed by 11:06 and asleep shortly after.  Then 11:04 and passed out instantly.  11:40 (7 hours is still pretty amazing) and 12:40 the last 2 nights (I didn’t have to get up as early these days).

The result:  I have had more patience.  I have no issue waking up and being alert the second my alarm clock goes off.  I’m not falling asleep mid-day.  My workouts have been SOOO much easier.  I lead group cardio classes and lately I’ve been feeling my age, but I could’ve doubled their length this week and re-earned my Energizer Bunny reputation.  Seriously, all good.

Did I miss the hours I lost while in bed?  Not even a little.  Because I knew I had to be in bed by a certain time, I was actually more productive and selective with my time leading up to bed.  I would watch one tv show with the family instead of 2.  I would blog earlier in the day so to not be sitting down to start at midnight.  I did projects when I was normally half dead on the couch.  Basically, being awake and alert for fewer hours = far more productivity than being awake and dragging for a lot more hours.

Can you do an 8 hour commitment?  If not, how about adding just 1 additional hour onto your sleep routine for the next week?  It’s worth it!


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