Vday Gifts

I write and schedule my blog posts a week in advance so while you’re reading this ON Valentine’s Day, know that I’m not just starting my Vday gift search the day-of.  (Though there have been a few times that’s happened over the last 15 years…)

After the first 5 or so Valentines Days as a married couple, the task of gift-giving gets a little complicated.  At that point you’ve learned expensive gifts that break the budget are just not necessary to prove your love (that’s not to say there’s not a time and place for them, it just doesn’t need to be the “go to” every year).  Flowers have become cliche, candy is not allowed because of the diet and the child in the room next store has steered you away from the kinky sex toys…. that and the fact that the last one left you with a sore you-know-what for 3 days.  SO, what to do?

There’s a running joke in our house that all special occasions are celebrated with Mellow Mushroom Pizza, Wine and a Movie.  Frequently at home.  It’s cheap, includes our favorite things and gives us a chance to just chill and be with each other vs running around with the pressure of a perfect night.  Though we enjoy it, the joke/reality has become a bit of a lowered expectation.  It’s a knowing that neither of us tend to put in the effort to do more to show the other we care.  It’s sad, but this is 15 years of marriage (or at least it has been ours).

So this year, with the help of my blog for accountability, I’m thinking ahead.  Again, you’ll be reading this a bit late, but maybe these tips will help you out next year….or maybe you’re having an “oh shit, it’s Valentine’s Day” moment and these will help RIGHT NOW.  Either way, here are some of my favorite finds from the internet:

  • Make a stack of romantic notes. Buy a pack of blank note cards with envelopes, then on each envelope, write messages like these: “Open me when you’re having a rough day at work” or “Open me when you feel a bit lonely” or “Open me when you miss me.” Then write a love note along that theme and stick it in that envelope. Tie the whole bundle together with a bit of ribbon. This is pure romance, and it just takes an hour and a few stationery cards to prepare. (source)
  • Repeat your first date. If you’re like many couples, your first date was a simple affair. Maybe it was a movie where you sneaked some Raisinets into the theater in your purse. Maybe you went to a shopping mall and ate a slice of pizza in the food court. If your first date was low-cost and simple, recreate it to the best of your ability. It’ll be very inexpensive and incredibly sweet and romantic. (source)
  • Write a note.  Take the time to write a long, kind and open letter to her. Suggest that you go to one of your favorite restaurants, followed by a nice wine bar and give her what you wrote. (source)
  • Pick some flowers.  Buy rose petals at the florist and make a scavenger hunt for her around the house, all with reasons she’s wonderful, hot, sexy, smart, etc. Or personally deliver flowers to her office and treat her to lunch on Valentine’s Day. The biggest thing to remember about this holiday is to just make it special for her – and for your love. (source)

Happy Day to you and your special someone!


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