Work & Play

It’s Saturday, the day most people look forward to the entire week.  That’s because most people are stuck behind a desk or a register or chained to a phone from 9-5 Monday through Friday and can’t wait to be FREE.  Boy, do I hear ya!

I used to work the M-F/9-5 AND drove in rush hour to get there so it was really more like 8-6 once you count travel.  That didn’t leave much time for family or fun during the week.  Saturday was THE day to breathe and Sunday was the day to be upset that Monday was already so close.  I did that for 10 years and then I didn’t.

So why am I writing about work on SaturPLAY day?  Because once I stopped the 9-5, what I started was a search for ways to get paid to do what I tried to squeeze in on Saturdays.  And once I found it, I was thoroughly surprised.  People really CAN get paid to do what they love.  And I absolutely love what I do.

If you read my bio and/or my first blog post, then you know I’m a group fitness instructor who leads 4 dance cardio classes each week.  It doesn’t pay all of the bills, but it almost pays my mortgage.  The remainder of our income comes from at-home jobs my wife and I manage together (also fun) and the random things that fall into my lap along the way like commissions for paintings or, most random of all, water support for a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) company.

I find it odd how most people look for work….and don’t get me wrong, I was guilty of this too.  We look for things that pay well that we won’t completely hate doing.  That or we go to college for a degree in something we find interesting and then fall into the trap of climbing a ladder just to climb it.  What I’ve learned works well for me probably sounds a little backwards, or at least risky, for the average.  I seek out things I enjoy doing …just to do them.  If I LOVE it and find myself repeating the activity over and over again, then I ask myself how I can get paid to do it vs having to pay someone else to let me do it. Such was the case with my fitness and SUP jobs.

About 8 years ago, my wife drug me into a dance fitness class.  Once I got over my shyness, I loved it and became a regular.  I was there multiple times a week, paying $70/mo.  After a while, I thought “I’m here as often as the instructor, but she’s making money to do the same thing I’m paying money for…so how do I get that gig?”  Luckily the company was expanding and after a few talks and proving myself on the dance floor, I had my first class and unlimited access to all other classes for me and my wife.  Now I’m the main instructor and manager.

Last year I tried SUP for the first time and fell in love.  I purchased an unlimited month for my daughter and I and knew I couldn’t keep up that expense beyond the initial purchase.  Lucky for me they were looking for help so an email and interview later, I was a member of the staff with unlimited SUP for the year.

Best jobs EVER because I basically get paid to play.  And THAT is why this post is coming to you on SaturPLAY.  It is SO important to do something you love.  If you don’t feel like you get to play at work (whatever that looks like for you) then you’re probably watching the clock tick by, waiting for the moments when you do GET to play.  The average person spends 40 hours out of 80(ish) they’re awake each Mon-Fri doing something for money.  And let’s be honest, another 3 hours is probably spent prepping for and driving to/from the job.  That’s over half of your day gone.  That’s too much time to hate life just so you can have money for the little time remaining.

GO PLAY!  Then find a way to get paid for it!


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