Social Media Mirror

I’m not gonna lie.  I had something “deep and meaningful” planned for today’s post and I just couldn’t get myself there, mentally, long enough to write it.  Instead, I had a “squirrel” moment and went browsing through my own Facebook wall.

It’s amazing what happens when we step back and look at our own history when it is actually just that…history.  I’m one who posts something and then checks my notifications every 30 seconds to see who (if anyone) has “liked” or responded.  Going back now … days, weeks, months later … gives posts a completely different perspective.

Sometimes the best thing for the soul is to be aware of what you project out into the world and how people react to it.  That doesn’t mean you should manipulate what you share in order to get a desired response, but you SHOULD be aware of what your presence is adding to (or taking away from) the world.

Do you look at your Facebook wall (or similar platform) and see someone that represents a world you wish to live in?  Are you a beacon of light to which our sails should be pointed or a lighthouse that shines on the rocks to avoid?  Take a few minutes today and look at the mirror that is your social media stamp on the world and ask yourself … Is this who I really am?  Is this what I want the world to see?  Are the people reacting doing so in a way that adds value to my life?

Be who YOU are, but also make sure that’s who you really WANT to be.  That’s as deep as I’m getting today.  Thank you Facebook for the inspiration….and distraction.



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