On March 22 of last year, I took a chance and downloaded an app I saw recommended from …well, I can’t even remember, but it was probably a facebook ad or blog.  The app was a money saving/investing tool called ACORNS and less than a year later, it’s tucked away over $600 without me even realizing it.  For once, my chance paid off.

I have a really hard time saving money.  First, the act of willingly putting some away when we don’t have a lot to begin with is difficult.  Second, “putting it away” consists of moving it from Checking to Savings – a 2 click process on my banking app which can just as easily transfer what’s been saved right back over to the spending account.  So basically, we don’t have any savings.

Enter ACORNS!  Once downloaded and linked to your checking account, ACORNS rounds up every purchase to the nearest dollar and puts that change into your ACORNS account.  For example, let’s say I purchased lunch with my debit card for $9.82.  ACORNS will automatically see that purchase and transfer 18 cents (the difference from $9.82 to the rounded up $10) from my checking into my ACORNS account.  The best part is…it’s 18 cents so I didn’t feel a thing.

If you’re anything like I was before downloading, you’re thinking “ok, so you saved 18 cents….it’ll take you a year just to save $10.”  You might be right if you use your debit card once every few weeks, but I use mine multiple times a day so it adds up pretty darn quick.  And in addition to tucking that money away, it also invests it in stocks, bonds and real estate (which isn’t really a big deal unless you have a LOT of money tucked away to be invested….but it’s still nice to see an additional couple bucks appear out of nowhere).

Between March and July, I had saved enough to withdraw $300 when I was in a financial bind.  By December, I had enough to take out another $250 to help with Christmas and now, in February, I’m already back up to a balance of $110.  Life-changing savings?  Not necessarily, but having an extra couple hundred dollars to grab when needed — that I didn’t notice leaving my account — has come in pretty handy.

There are very small fees when you withdraw money … similar to PayPal … but they’ve all been covered by what’s been made via investments.  Win Win!

I don’t get paid to endorse ACORNS, but I do get some credit if you sign up via the link below.  Regardless of how you get there, go download the app and start SAVING!  Before you know it, those ACORNS might turn into a Mighty Oak!




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