Ms. Morris

I know I’m the one who’s supposed to be doing the creating here, but part of being a creative person is feeding your senses with great works of art by others.  When I find something I enjoy as a consumer, it usually inspires me to stretch my own talents as an artist.  Such is the case this week as I discovered (a little late to the party) a singer by the name of Maren Morris.

Maren, a 26 year alt-country artist, just won a Grammy for her song, My Church.  It was this win that led me to listen to her entire album and fall madly in love.  It’s been a while since I’ve had an artist on repeat and even longer since I’ve had one I thought enough of to text all of my friends about.  Her album is smart, edgy, sultry and yet catchy and commercial.  The indie music EP lover and commercial country dial-turner can both listen and enjoy it for different reasons — something I find extremely rare and a pretty powerful niche.   Artists like this who, at the core, are killer songwriters, inspire me to write.  You would think I’d listen and think “why bother when I could never do THAT,” but it drives me instead.  It reminds me how powerful music is and why I want my hands in it.

So today, I listen, I sing along and I appreciate.  But tomorrow, I write.

Here’s a live recording of one of my favorites of her album, Hero.  Enjoy!



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