Today was a GORGEOUS day!  Bright blue, sunny skies and temps in the high 70s .. IN FEBRUARY!  The perfect day to PLAY.

I started by heading to teach my fitness class, except today was a little different due to a special birthday playlist led mostly by another instructor.  This allowed me almost completely off the hook for class prep and responsibility and allowed me to hop around the room and have fun as a participant.

After class, several of us decided to enjoy a belated Margarita Day celebration at our local Mexican restaurant.  And since it was beautiful, of course we sat on the patio.  My daughter was spending the night with my parents and my wife was occupied with work, but my to do list was empty so I opted for 2 rather large margaritas and a really good time.

That was followed by some tipsy Target shopping with 2 margarita friends (we walked there) and then a drive home with the windows rolled down and my favorite music-of-the-moment blasting.

I took an afternoon nap and then my beautiful wife and I made homemade pizza for dinner and caught up on a couple tv shows.  Pretty much the perfect day.

There is always so much to “do” that sometimes you just need a day to have nothing on the agenda and let whatever happens, happen!  What can you do this weekend to take a little vaca from your to do list?




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