No Dough Boy

We just recently had a plumbing issue that required a pro (as much as I hate to break down and call one).  When they were done, they handed over the $400 bill and I died a little.  First of all, your job consisted of taking a machine out of your truck, plugging it into my electricity and hitting a button.  I realize I’m also paying for your knowledge, travel and time, but seriously….a button.  $400.  Secondly, I don’t have an extra $400 lying around.  If I did, the button could’ve pushed itself and I wouldn’t have minded handing over the money.

This brings me to today’s Money Monday as I sit online looking at job openings.  (Not because of the plumber, but because I’m tired of being scared to call a plumber …or electrician …or lawn care ….or …doctor.)  But as I look at the positions vs the pay, I can’t help but think, “SO not worth it!”  I’ve been lucky enough to seek out and find work that I love and part of why I love it is because it takes up very little of my time.  My compensation has been free time and while that doesn’t always put food on the table, it does feed the soul!

My other thought while browsing through low-paying, overly-consuming positions is that I could generate THAT amount of money myself…somehow.  I mean, I have talents that people have paid for in the past so why not use them a little more diligently to get paid in the present …and future?  I’ve been asking myself that question for years.  The answer: I.don’t.know.

Aside from the fact that all of my skills are creative and creative skills are highly dependent on being in a creative mood….putting pressure on the process makes it forced and unenjoyable which then leads to less-than-stellar work.  But is that a cop out?  Is that my “legitimate” excuse for just not wanting to?  I think it’s a little of both.

It IS hard to be creative when it’s forced or pressured, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  It doesn’t mean I couldn’t still do the creative, fun, no-pressure stuff (that could easily lead to money) while also working regularly on the more mass produced items that might not be as fun, but help pay the bills.  Where I fall short is that it usually takes a creative original idea before you get to the mass produced ones.  You have to have created something worth recreating …unless you copy somebody else’s work and who wants to pay you for that?

So project MAKE SOME DAMN MONEY (I just came up with that …it’s good though, right?  ha!) is going into action right now.  It’s time to take one of my gazillion ideas I started and never finished and have a solid week of creating, at-minimum, one piece per day that, by this time next week, can be put up for sale.

What talents do you have that could help you make some extra ch-ching this week?  Maybe you’re not artistic, but you do SOMETHING well and someone will pay for your something!


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