You Get What You Expect

Through 5+ years of leadership training, countless books and personal experience, I have learned there is great power in the words we speak over ourselves.  Whether you believe you can or you can’t ….you’re right!  So many opportunities are missed because we kill our chances in our mind before we even take the first step. […]


On March 22 of last year, I took a chance and downloaded an app I saw recommended from …well, I can’t even remember, but it was probably a facebook ad or blog.  The app was a money saving/investing tool called ACORNS and less than a year later, it’s tucked away over $600 without me even realizing […]

Social Media Mirror

I’m not gonna lie.  I had something “deep and meaningful” planned for today’s post and I just couldn’t get myself there, mentally, long enough to write it.  Instead, I had a “squirrel” moment and went browsing through my own Facebook wall. It’s amazing what happens when we step back and look at our own history […]

Work & Play

It’s Saturday, the day most people look forward to the entire week.  That’s because most people are stuck behind a desk or a register or chained to a phone from 9-5 Monday through Friday and can’t wait to be FREE.  Boy, do I hear ya! I used to work the M-F/9-5 AND drove in rush […]

…When I Grow Up.

Today is Friends & Fam Friday and, while I’ve had a great day filled with both, I’m suddenly sitting here depressed. The tag line of this blog (at least at the time I’m writing) is: Being realistic about where you are and dreaming BIG anyway! Well I’ve been dreaming big (always), but just had a bit […]

Lubes & Locks

Well, I’m feeling pretty accomplished at the moment! Don’t let my confidence fool you though, I’m pretty sure my daughter could have figured this one out, but not without trying… which is where most people fail. Our back door has a deadbolt and regular doorknob lock.  Within the last month or two, both began to […]

Creating a Dream(ish) Home

Sometimes CREATING looks like a song, a painting or a drawing.  Other times it looks like a floor plan to your desired new home. We’re hoping to put our house on the market soon and look for a new place that fits our current needs a little better.  While we’re waiting on the bank to […]