Randomly Creative

Creating any kind of anything is an ebb and flow process.  Sometimes it flows out of you in 5 minutes and you’re like “How did I just do that!?” and other times it’s 5 days and you don’t have a single idea where to even begin.  If you’re not someone who has to be creative for a living, then you probably don’t have a time each day devoted to finishing all of the randomly started ideas and half ideas you thought you were ready to take on, but didn’t actually have time for.

Such is today’s topic(s).  I gave myself a challenge Monday to use my talents to create something I could sell.  Here’s what I have so far….a start with a finish in mind.  You’ll see what that is once it’s….finished.


And then there’s this… a newly started song lyric inspired by the latest episode of This Is Us.  What you see has not been edited or perfected … hell, it’s not even to music yet … but it is what came out of my head in a burst of creative thought and there are a few things I really like and some things I already know I’ll change.  Again… it’s a start!

When I die, pray for my mama
Cause I know somewhere she’ll be cryin’
Whether here or in heaven
She’ll be sad to see me go

When I go, hold the hand of my daughter
Try and make her feel a little bit better
I’ll still love her more than ever
Even if I can’t say so

Cry a tear or two
Then smile three or four
I don’t want to be
The reason your heart’s sore

Let me live on in your laughter
Happily forever after

If I’m first, please tell my wife
It’s ok to get better over time
And to move on if she finds the right guy
Who can love her as good as I tried

Cry a tear or two
Then smile three or four
I don’t want to be
The reason your heart’s sore

Let me live on in your laughter
Happily forever after

So what’s my point in sharing these two things with you today?  Well, I believe we all have creativity in us, but most don’t take the time to turn an idea into a “start” because they don’t understand it’s a process vs a stroke of magical talent.  Sure, if you don’t know how to paint, you may not be able to paint the portrait in your head.  And if you don’t know how to rhyme, then maybe a song isn’t going to pop out … but I know you’ve had an idea that you’ve kept yourself from trying for fear of being bad.  BE BAD!  A bad start is better than no start at all.  And 9 times out of 10, where you start with creativity is not where you finish.  From one idea comes another comes another comes experience comes confidence comes something good eventually.  The best part is, it’s YOUR creation and it only has to be what YOU want it to be.  So let it out and let it be!


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