Grave Upgrade

12341301_10154370758507538_3004998163249737488_nOur cat of 15 years passed away a year and 2 months ago.  As I just re-read in my Facebook post from that day, Pepe’ was “a loud-purring, people lover and pain in the @**, but for as many times as I wished him gone over the years, there were twice as many prayers to keep him here.”  Three dogs, a baby and a whole lot of life came between us and the solo-act he used to be, but he was a good little guy and it was surprisingly hard to let him go.


When we buried him, we put him in a box my daughter decorated with pictures we all wrote messages on.  I cried as I shoveled dirt over those pics of his sweet face and vowed to give him a beautiful place to be remembered.  A few days later we placed a concrete angel and homemade engraved marker on his spot, but I knew there needed to be more.

img_7647As life does, it got in the way and the best of intentions were forgotten except in moments of yard trimming (something I hate and don’t do often if I can help it) when I would see the angel and give him a “Hi, Pepe'” while passing.  Thanks to this blog and it’s accountability to my priorities, Phase 1 of beautifying his memorial is complete.

img_7664We began by removing the angel and marker and raking the area clean.  We then pulled all of the weeds and ivy in the flower bed and did our best to create a smooth, flat surface.  Some leftover edging stones we had lying around became paving stones that provided the perfect foundation for our angel, while also helping to keep future weeds away.  We also added (not pictured) a solar powered light that illuminates a beautiful glass bird at night.  Maddie picked the bird because she thought Pepe’ would enjoy it.  I have to agree!

In the Spring, Phase 2 will be to add flowers and greenery, as well as some massive weed-blocking material….cause Lord knows I don’t do lawn maintenance well and we want this to stay beautiful.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we add more lights as well, but for right now, the bird reminds me every night of our little man and I can’t help but smile.

We love you, Pepe’ Le Pew!



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