Making Parents A Priority

My parents have been asking to get together a lot lately and, as much as I’d like to, I’ve had to turn them down for one reason or another each time they ask.  I talk to my mom just about every day … even if just to answer a question or two … and our daughter frequently spends the night at their house so it feels like we’re together more often when the reality is, we’re just kind of crossing paths.

If we sit down together for a meal once every 2 months (which is probably about what we average), that means we’re only REALLY seeing them 6 times a year.  We live 20 minutes from each other and we only spend quality time with them 6x/yr?  That is eye-opening when you feel like you’re ALWAYS seeing someone.  It’s also pretty devastating when you think about the people you’ve lost and wish you could have more time with ….while you’re choosing to not spend that kind of time with the ones who are still here (well, choosing by NOT choosing to be more proactive with the schedule).

How often do you see your loved ones?  Is it enough?  Time to be realistic with the calendar and let it show me where my priorities have been.


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