Tipsy Tunes

Tonight I drank lots of wine and listened to music with my old boss from the music biz.  Not the last boss that I hated, but my FIRST boss who I loved.  She reminded me of the one thing I miss dearly about the biz….. new, unheard music.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of great perks working in the entertainment industry, but you become jaded quickly and meeting celebs or attending #1 parties becomes “not so special” over time.  Since leaving the biz, I’ve become a fan again, but have always missed being a part of the inner circle that gets to hear the REALLY GOOD stuff that’s yet to make it to the ear of the public.

I was brave enough (thank you wine) to also share some of my songs, which led to her setting up a co-write with one of her writers.  So while I don’t have a finished work of art to share with you today, what I do have is a reminder to be courageous ….or tipsy and uninhibited …. when it comes to your talents.  You never know what can happen.


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