Pile o’ Crap

Y’all… (this is how I start every “I’ve got something to say” moment with my friends) I have a garage full of CRAP.  OK, not literally crap cause .. ew .. but a HUGE collection of household items, clothing and every.single.thing my daughter has owned since birth (she’s 11).  Oh and let’s not forget the highly disorganized selection of holiday decorations.

We’ve lived in this house for 11 years and for 11 years we have added to the pile saying ONE DAY we will have a garage sale.  I think at some point we took a handful of things to someone else’s garage sale, but never had our own.  And with social media being what it is, I don’t even have to have a garage sale … I can just post in a group and have someone come pick it up at my convenience.  SO WHY DO I HAVE A GARAGE FULL OF CRAP!?

Well, first off, I am not confident in my ability to price things objectively.  I don’t know how much half the stuff out there cost originally, nor would I have a clue what it’s worth now.  BUT at this point, if I just got a $1 per item, I’d be effing rich.  So not a valid excuse.

Secondly, and I hate that this is an issue…. spiders.  We have a bug man, but guess what….he can’t get to all the spaces in the garage because of ALL THE CRAP!  And it doesn’t help that a few years ago we pulled a bin of baby clothes out and almost grabbed a black widow INSIDE the bin in the process.  Hell-to-the-no-thank-you!  But it’s not quite the season for them to be at their worst so buy a bug bomb (or 10) and wear gloves.  Not a valid excuse.

This month is going to be the month.  I can feel it.  Or is that a spider?  Sonofa…


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