Ham on Aisle 3

Today Maddie and I decided to turn an every day task into a game.  We had to make a trip to the grocery store to grab a couple things for dinner and while this is normally something she rolls her eyes at, I think we managed to turn that frown upside down (I know, so cheesy).

On our way, I had her divide 3 sheets of paper into 12 columns.  On one sheet, I had her write an emotion in 6 of the spaces and I chose emotions for the other 6.  The remaining 2 sheets were numbered 1-12 and 2, 4, 6, 8, and so on.  Then we tore the paper into strips and folded each one up similar to a drawing entry.  I stuffed 3 jacket pockets full of our creation and proceeded into the store.  She had NO IDEA what this was for, but knew we were attempting an “adventure”.

Once inside, I said, “OK, proceed to aisle (out of pocket) 2, Take (out of another pocket) 20 steps, and act (out of final pocket) Excited by something you see there.”  She chuckled and had a brief moment of “omg, this is gonna be embarrassing,” but immediately took off on her journey.  Below you’ll see the pics we snapped at each of our 12 stops.  By the 11th she was saying, “Noooo I don’t want this to end!  It’s so much fun!”

It’s crazy how something so simple can totally change your circumstances.  One minute she was dreading walking into the store and the next she’s not wanting to leave.  You would’ve thought I was telling her it was time for the last ride at Disney or something.

Don’t wait for moments to have fun with your kids…or yourself.  MAKE those moments happen.  It’s not about what you do, it’s just about doing it!


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