Swipe & Log

Finally had my first meeting with Mr Money Man (aka our friend, Bryan) and talked where we are and where we’d like to go.  Being friends, we probably talked longer than the normal client would have, but after about an hour of shooting the sh**, he gave us our first assignment….which is nothing like I expected.

For our entire first month on his program, we are to do nothing but log every purchase we make.  Though it lacks a little “excitement” at the idea of stepping into financial freedom, it does make a whole lotta sense!  We’ve gotten into a world of swiping cards and checking online bank balances.  I can’t tell you the last time I balanced a check book or held myself accountable to actually knowing the amount that’s in the bank (after every check I’ve written clears) before I make that swipe. As a result, money has become intangible.  It’s an idea vs an actual object that comes into and flows out of our lives.  By logging every purchase, we become aware of how often we’re letting money leave our hands, how much and just how silly some of those instances are.

So here’s to becoming aware of our circumstances and being money conscious on a daily basis.  I mean, if I were dieting, I would be aware of what I put in my mouth at each meal every single day, so why am I not thinking about every cent that I’m blowing when trying to get my finances in order?

Join me in becoming more aware.  Start a transaction log today!

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