Loving Through Loss

My wife is grieving.  She lost her mom 2 years ago this week and every day has been a little harder as the date approaches.  She’s quiet, angry, sad, distant, disconnected, distracted, you name it… She’s hurting.

As a husband and a man, it’s hard to watch her go through something I can’t fix.  I want so badly to say or do the right thing that will make it all go away, but we all know there is no one thing that will ever instantly heal such a loss.  Two years gone and she hasn’t been the same since.  It changed her.  It changed us.

All I can do right now is pray and be here for whatever she needs … even if that’s to be left alone.  I don’t know what it’s like to lose a parent.  I hope I don’t know that feeling for a very long time.  But I can’t imagine the pain.  Especially given the way her mom left us.  So many questions.  So many ways her initial injury/illness could have been prevented.  It’s not fair.  It’s not right.  It’s just life.  Until it isn’t.


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