Chairs and Tables and Lamps, Oh My!

For the longest time I’ve wanted to do something with the large space in front of our fireplace.  The wall next to it has been home to different things over the years … bookcases, computer desks and even a playhouse during my daughter’s early years … but I’ve never been fully happy with the space.

Yesterday my parents stopped by with a surprise.  I had seen a couple of chairs I thought would go great for my long-term vision and asked if they’d keep an eye out for a sale.  They had a coupon and next thing I know I have chairs (ignore the pile of fitness equipment which needs to find a new home now)….


These chairs are just the beginning though as I picture a low, round table we can play games or do puzzles on without worrying about moving them if we stop mid-play.  It would also make the perfect songwriting spot …or s’mores station in the winter, cozy book corner, extra seating for party guests, etc… I also see the weights on the floor moving to a weight rack that we disguise behind a faux cabinet/hutch behind the chair on the right.  This cabinet would provide a space for a small lamp and other trinkets too.  My dad’s been texting me every 2 seconds with table ideas so I decided to do a mock up of what I hope the space will look like.  These aren’t exact colors by any means — just what I could easily google and slap together.

fireplace edit



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