When You Can’t DIY

Here I am, in this never ending circle of “I can” followed by….I just don’t.  What is it about me that keeps me from accomplishing all of the things I need to do?  This blog started in January with the best of intentions of keeping me on track and, while it’s kept me actively thinking of all of the areas in my life that need improvement (which is an improvement in itself), it’s done less to put me into motion.

ThursDIY is supposed to be my day to report all of the wonderful things I’m doing to better my home.  Believe me, there’s a long list.  Since setting out on this journey, I’ve cleaned my desk, the living room, replaced a light fixture, repaired the back door lock, put up shelves in my wife’s closet (incomplete) and unclogged a toilet.  Not exactly life-changing.  So how do I move from NEEDING-TO-DIY to DONEIY!?

Last time it was the creation of a specific list that helped.  Let’s try that again.

Anyone else struggling with…well…life?


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