I have nothing to offer today.  I am sick to my stomach about where we are financially.  I know it’s just a temporary hiccup, but even in the days of consistent overdrafts and other stupid mistakes, I never felt THIS out of control.  My wife and I aren’t on the same page because she can’t handle it.  And I can’t handle the stress of this AND her so I just keep her in the dark and tell her things are tight and we need to spend as little as possible.  But every time I think about it — which, today, has been just about every minute — I feel ill.  Heavy chest, knot in stomach, want to sleep until it’s over ill.  And I know that’s not helping anything, but that’s where I am.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I’ve got to wake up and start thinking about all of the things I have coming my way that will get us right back on track.  Business is picking up, I have painting commissions out of nowhere, garage sale, payday….  it’s coming.  Tomorrow, that’s where my mind AND ACTIONS will be.


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