Get Out

This week we are house/kid/dog-sitting for my parents (long story).  They only live 15 min from us, but it made more sense for us to come here than to bring their tribe to our place.  I’m not gonna lie, hauling all our daily “needs” 15 min down the street was a bit of an eye-rolling task, but here we are, nonetheless.

One day in and, despite the added chaos of …well, the added chaos… it’s actually been a big stress reliever.  It’s funny how getting out of your environment can change the way you function.  I sit down to type here and I’m not immediately overwhelmed with stress.  I watch a tv show and don’t feel like I should be doing 100 other things.  I cook dinner with the Mrs and we help each other with everything from start to finish without complaint …vs the normal “you’re in my way!”  Our environment can become as much a part of our muscle memory as our actual muscles are.  There are triggers everywhere.

This could also be why my wife and I work so much better together and have truly honest and amazing conversations when we take our “meetings” from the dining room table to a Starbucks or Mexican restaurant (margaritas help too).

So today’s lesson is … get out of the house.  Or maybe for you it’s your office or wherever you spend the majority of your time.  If you’re in a rut mentally, you’re not helping yourself by sitting in the place the rut calls home.  Change your environment and you awaken your senses, remove triggers, open yourself up to new experiences and gain a new perspective.

Where can you go today?


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