Cleaning Up E-House

There’s a popular meme that goes around Facebook pretty frequently.  It points out that there are 2 types of people in the world when it comes to email:


I’m the one on the left.  My wife is the one on the right.  I can’t even imagine having 13 unread emails, much less 1,300!  But it happens.  And yes, I even know some people who are at 13,000 (or more)!  It gives me anxiety and also leaves me scratching my head.

How does one accumulate so many email and think they’ll ever actually read them all?  Why not just delete when they come in if the only thing they’re adding to your life is the number on your screen?

That said, I currently have 11 unread – all of which have actually been read, but I’ve marked unread to be sure I remember to address them at a later time.  But recently there have been several that have slipped by and my desired to do is buried more and more every day.  SO – today I’m doing some E-House Cleaning.  I’m going through my entire inbox and either: doing, deleting or sorting into a folder other than the “IN”.

My inbox is not a pinterest board and yet all of my “I don’t want to forget that idea” messages seem to have found a home there.  Well….not today!

Which person are you?  What can you do today to do some cleaning?  And, for the love, if you’re the 13k person, just hit DELETE ALL and start over with some new habits haha!


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