Baby Blues

This little munchkin has been keeping us laughing as we baby/house/dog sit for my parents.  Her mother, my cousin, has been in and out of jail, on and off drugs, but consistently a bad mother and human being (just like her mom) so she doesn’t have custody of either of her daughters.  Karmen’s older sister, Khloe, lives with my parents full-time and Karmen lives with my aunt (her grandmother), though she spends 50-60% of her time with my parents due to my aunt’s inability and disinterest in caring for a child 24/7.

My aunt recently broke her wrist and ankle and can’t lift anything for 4 months – or hardly function, but she’s managed to go on a power trip and request that Karmen come home to her tomorrow for the remainder of my parents’ trip.  She has no way of caring for her on her own, but has “someone staying with her” that can help.  Clearly, as with all of her important life decisions, she has Karmen’s best interest in mind (that was a big load of sarcastic BS, if you couldn’t tell).  My aunt doesn’t do anything based off what’s best for anyone but my aunt.

So on this, my “Friends and Fam Friday”, I challenge you to look at your own decisions and make sure the motivation behind them is serving those who deserve it most.


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