My wife and I have become binge-watch junkies.  We gave up cable years ago and recently caved and got a Netflix subscription.  We used to just watch a movie here and there, but that all changed when we decided to sit down and watch Parenthood together.  A few episodes in and we were addicted…..for all 6 seasons.

After Parenthood came Once Upon A Time, a family show we’re still slowly making our way through with our daughter.

And most recently, we’ve found How To Get Away With Murder.  Ahh-dicted.

Long before the tv binge watching, we found a similar mutual love in the Twilight Saga.  (I know, shut up)   She started reading them and I followed behind and, before long, we found ourselves excited to discuss every detail as they unfolded.

Silly as it all might be, it’s nice to find a common interest in something.  That time is “our” time we look forward to sitting down and sharing together.  It frequently turns into a time to cuddle or get a massage …and almost always turns into the reason we don’t get enough sleep as we can’t seem to turn down a good cliff hanger.

So regardless of what floats your boat as a couple … be sure to get it in the water and enjoy the ride.


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