Soundtrack of My Life

Do you have songs (or entire albums) that take you back in time the second you hear them?  Nothing can transport me out of my current life like a melody and lyric attached to an old memory.  Good or bad, the song, as Trisha Yearwood’s classic says, “remembers when”.

Lisa Marie Presley’s To Whom It May Concern album takes me back to my first office in the music industry.  I had it on repeat and I could tell you who was in the room and how we felt about each song.  I can also tell you how I felt emotionally in my life at that time and how certain songs broke me out of a block I had as a songwriter.

Turning Page by Sleeping At Last (a song I, embarrassingly, only know because of the Twilight soundtrack) broke me open when I first heard it.  Made me face the reality of who I had become vs who I wanted to be.  Changed my marriage.  And when I hear it, I cry all over again.

There are songs from my childhood, from past relationships, from my wedding and from the darkest moments in my life.  And I can go back to all of those places just by hitting play.  What a strange power music has.  So wonderfully beautiful and painfully honest….. the soundtrack of my life.


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