I wish I had before/after pics to drive this home, but sadly I don’t.  (Great setup, no?)

My mom is a major “everything must be centered” kind of person and it rubbed off on me (though I have learned to find balance vs forcing everything to align like a butterfly’s wings).  As I was sitting alone in my parents’ house today, I couldn’t help but notice their living room rug (and frankly the entire living room) was not centered with much of anything.

I decided they wouldn’t mind if I moved some things around so I centered the rug with the entertainment unit and went about scooting couches and chairs a little here and there.  What I discovered is there really isn’t “A” center for the room.  The foyer is off center from the fireplace that sits dead-center the opposite wall.  On top of that, the walls that make up the foyer are not equal lengths either.  It’s a giant uneven nightmare for anyone with OCD tendencies, but I knew there had to be a solution.

The result was me keeping the rug lined up with the entertainment unit while purposely off-centering the rest of the furniture.  It gave it structure and balance without feeling like a box.  Oddly enough, I moved all of the furniture closer together and the room felt larger.  How does that happen?

Point being, sometimes you don’t need new paint, furniture, accessories, etc… to change up your space.  Sometimes you just need to scootch.


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