Catalog Me

My long-time friend and co-writer, Libby, is coming to town this week.  I am beyond pumped to see her and get to write some new tunes together.  Tonight I went reminiscing through what little catalog I have stored on my computer and, honestly, lost a whole lot of time listening to things I had forgotten about.  In the process, I corrected/organized the labeling of each song as it appears in iTunes.  Most were missing co-writer names and a few, I’m ashamed to admit, I either can’t remember who I wrote them with or see the face and don’t remember the name.  Yikes!  I know there is a lyric sheet SOMEWHERE that will reveal the mystery.  But for now, it’s a little more sorted than it was an hour ago.

This process made me think about the value we place on things.  I am so proud of many of those songs and equally as proud of the quantity of songs I’ve written over the years … and yet … here sits a catalog in pieces.  Some on this computer, some on that hard drive, more on an old ipod that crashed and a huge majority on an outdated recording device awaiting transfer to more current hardware.  Mislabeled, forgotten, incomplete, lost.  Is this the way I take care of something I treasure?  No, it’s not.  The truth is, somewhere along the way, the value I placed on these songs diminished along with the determination I had to do something with them.  I don’t love the songs any less, but I don’t treat them as the buried treasure they are.  If I was ever so lucky to be courted by a publisher, the first things they would ask for is SONGS.  I could miss out on tremendous opportunity if I wasn’t able to find the right song at the right time.

So, new creative project … organize my catalog into an actual catalog.  I’ve heard it said many times that “luck” is just what happens when preparation meets opportunity.  I’m not prepared.

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