Kiss My Grass

Let’s talk a moment about mowing the lawn.  Does anybody else hate this task?  I mean, I love being outdoors.  I love having a nice looking yard.  I don’t even mind the manual labor.  But for some reason I just despise having to mow.  So much so, I look like I live in a damn jungle once Summer hits.

I think the worst part isn’t the mowing, but the pre and post.  What should be a 30 minute task is always made longer by the fact that I have to find old clothes and shoes, GET TO the mower in the garage (yep, it’s still a mess), check the gas, clear the yard of sticks and giant pinecones…. mow ….put the mower back, blow off the driveway, get undressed in the garage so to not track dirt all over the house, check my entire body for ticks, take a shower to get that glaze of sweat and dust off and then finally sit down to admire what should’ve taken 30 minutes or less, but really took an hour and a half.

And then once you’ve mowed, you realize how bad your bushes need to be trimmed.  And don’t even get me started on how fast the grass grows back…excuse me, I meant the collection of weeds that makes up my lawn.  I mean, if I could get my hair to grow that quickly, I’d look like Cousin It in time for Halloween.

And yes, I have paid people to do it.  It’s a glorious thing worth every penny, but when every penny counts (and they do right now), it’s a silly luxury to spend them on.  (Adds to goals:  Make enough to hire landscaper.  ….and cleaning lady.)

But I digress…

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