Meet Libby.  We met as music industry babies and grew up together in the biz.  She was one of my very first co-writes EVER and helped me see my potential as a writer.  We’ve worked together, sang together, partied together and, for a brief time, even lived together when she rented our guest room for a summer.  She’s witnessed more of the puzzle pieces of my life than most others have …and somehow still stuck by me for over a decade.

She’s currently a surgeon at John Hopkins in Baltimore … because, well, that’s just how Libby rolls.  Nashville intern turned songwriter turned Manhattan PR rep turned music artist turned med school student turned surgical resident who writes and makes albums on the side.  No wonder we’re friends.  ha

She’s in town this week and we’ve had the best time hanging and writing.  It’s good to be around people who remind you of who you were and celebrate who you are.  Who love reminiscing, but also can’t wait to hear about what’s happened since they’ve been gone.  Who challenge you to be better, but will also have a good laugh over what a fuck up you are.

A piece of my puzzle is back in place … for now.



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