Play Me A Song

If you’ve been reading for any length of time, then you know I love music.  I especially love creating music and being a part of the process of taking an idea and turning it into something tangible.  A tiny spark in my mind becomes a line, becomes a verse, becomes a song, becomes a worktape, becomes a demo, becomes a piece of me that lives on forever.  It’s magical. It’s also a whole lot of fun….which is why I’m bringing it up on a day I normally reserve for adventures and play time.

I’ve recently stretched my co-writing muscles after quite a long break.  It reminded me why I chose to pursue writing as a career so many years ago.  It’s exciting.  It’s a rush when you’ve finished something you’re proud of and have butterflies while sharing with your friends and family.  I’m currently narrowing down songs to record demos of and even that process is a blast.  I don’t play a lot of instruments so being able to hear someone else add their talents to the mix and bring a song to life … well, there’s nothing like it.

Have you ever written a song?  How about a poem?  Just for fun today … try.  Why not?  Maybe you’ll find a hidden talent.  Maybe you won’t.  But either way, you will have stretched a creative muscle that’s maybe never been used before.   Have fun with it and comment with your creation.


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