Papa Don’t Sleep

Remember when I did the week-long sleep challenge and made myself get a minimum of 7 hours sleep every night?  Remember how great I felt?  I had more energy and mental clarity, was in a better mood, felt more alive and creative, my body didn’t ache as much…………..  and on and on and on.  Well…

The last few weeks I swear I’ve been holding an unofficial NO sleep challenge where I force myself to stay up till ungodly hours and attempt to function on 3-4 hours of sleep.  I feel like CRAP.  I’m exhausted 24/7, moody, impatient, foggy, exhausted (did I say that already?).  My body aches, I nap multiple times a day, I can’t decide when I’m hungry or not because I’m awake for so many hours that I have to snack at least twice after dinner and it’s screwed up EVERYTHING WTH AM I DOING?!

(Side note: I just listened to Katy Perry’s new single, Bon Appetit, and want to slap the chef.  Awful.  I used to really like her, but I think her star is falling…at least in my sky)

ANYWAY – What was I saying?  …oh yeah, I was talking about how unfocused I am due to a lack of sleep.




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