Stroke, Stroke, Stroke

Paintings completed, delivered and gifted!  So excited to have these done and be moving on to the next project (which, ironically, is also a dog painting). Romeo & Sadie are Savannah’s babies and now she has a way to take them off to college with her.  8×8 Acrylic And the original shots: Advertisements

Rich In Smiles

These two quotes, which recently popped up in my TimeHop app, are me, Me, ME!! This is why I’m happy. This is also why I’m poor. I’ll take happt over rich any day… but it sure would be nice to have both!

Now Hear This

Sound therapy?  Who knew that was a thing?  Well, I guess nothing should surprise us these days.  But this one actually makes some sense. I’m just diving in, but the incredibly basic basics of it all is the idea that our body responds to certain frequencies/tones in positive and negative ways.  That combined with (at […]

Harry Potter and The Symphony Orchestra

Being the music lover that I am, it’s no surprise that I would enjoy a visit to the symphony.  It does, however, have to be a performance of something that interests me or I’m pretty much over it by song 2.  So when I heard the Nashville Symphony Orchestra would be performing a concert series around […]


For all the meh that May has brought, it’s also had some pretty great moments too.  One of them was celebrating my bday on the dance floor with my peeps.  Sadly, with it being the last week of school, we lost 10-12 people who wanted to be there, but had other commitments.  I was […]

Summer Hair Don’t Care

My 11 yo daughter loves to be crazy.  It’s a good kind of crazy though.  The kind of crazy that makes her fearless to try new things or stand out in a crowd as more of herself vs the status quo.  I hope she always has a little bit of that crazy in her.  We […]