Boot Camp For The Soul

This past year has been hard on my wife and every day I was watching her sink deeper and deeper into a self-dug hole.  Without going into crazy detail (that I’m sure I’ve touched on in previous posts) it’s safe to say she would have easily been diagnosed with severe depression which was causing a whole host of physical and mental problems beyond the obvious signs of not loving life.  But recently, all of that seems to have turned around.

Last month she did a trial deal with a local boot camp and fell in love with the workout and community.  It forced her out of her comfort zone in many ways, but most importantly… it forced her out of the house where she had been secluding herself.  Now 5-6 days a week, she’s up early, dressed and gone.  She comes home exhausted, but excited to talk about what they did and who she met this time.  That energy has spilled over into all other areas.  She’s reconnected with old friends she used to hide from.  She’s put more time and effort into her business and has even begun to step out of her comfort zone in that world as well.  Things she used to immediately turn down, she now says YES to.  She’s smiling, laughing, engaging and loving again.  It’s amazing.

She still needs and wants to see a therapist/counselor as she’s never fully dealt with the grief surrounding her mother’s death a few years ago, but for now I will take this step in the right direction and be so incredibly thankful for the change it has put in motion.

I don’t care who you are, you need PEOPLE in your life.  Four walls and a heart beat do not a life make.

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