I’ll Cut You

SO – the lawn.  That beast of a jungle I posted about recently.  I finally went and got gas for the mower and mentally prepared myself for the task (I hate mowing).  Came home, filled ‘er up, pulled the stringy thing and ….nothing.  Pulled harder.  Nothing.  Pulled faster.  Nothing.  Checked the oil.  Cleaned off last year’s remnants of lawn debris.  Pulled again.  The pull start got yanked on more than a pubescent boy’s …well, you know.  BUT STILL NOTHING.  I was pissed.  Here I am, ready to do the thing I hate and…I can’t.

A spark plug and air filter later and it’s still not working.  SO … now it’s at the shop.  I mean, it’s only 11 years old and has never had a tune up .. what could possible be wrong!? (ha)  Turns out it’s the carburetor (which I had no clue how to effing spell until I googled after attempt number 35).  I should have it back tomorrow and, barring rain, should be able to finally get the job done.  It’ll be nice to send my dogs out and be able to see them once they jump off the deck.  I’m only half kidding.


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